Our Team

Usman Khan Baloch, Research Scientist
Founder of U Health Studio

Developer of HM Corporate Healing System

“I wanted to find one treatment that would work wherever healing was needed.”

Usman obtained his Master’s in Computer Sciences from the University of Lahore in 2000. A descendant of a line of famous healers and herbalists, he developed an interest in healing and became a successful holistic practitioner.

Always on the cutting edge of progress, he researched technologies such as quantum physics and biology, Rife, radionics, and nanotechnology and their applications to healing.

He then developed a proprietary energy formula by extracting energy from thousands of plants, minerals,  salts, precious stones, gold, diamonds, and other natural elements. He created his own methodology to send that healing energy remotely to patients worldwide and provide free treatment to the poor. Thousands of people suffering from skin diseases to advanced cancer were healed.

The system was initially geared toward promoting physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. However, most patients reported that they obtained valuable benefits in all aspects of their lives, including financially.

Based on this observation, Usman furthered his research to formulate a treatment specific to the needs of businesses. He is now offering this treatment to businesses around the world. 

Proceeds of business treatments contribute to funding his research and HopeMedicine humanitarian initiative.

Research and Development
Humanitarian initiative
Private and corporate treatment

Francoise Becquey, HopeMedicine Volunteer

Coordinator - HM Corporate Healing for businesses WORLDWIDE

“I was healed in ways I never thought possible and I am grateful beyond words.”

Francoise is adept at holistic medicine at both professional and personal levels. She adopted homeopathy as her family’s primary care choice for over forty years and worked as a promoter of homeopathy in North America for fifteen years.

Francoise received excellent care from her naturopathic doctor. However, as she started developing one degenerative condition after another, she lost all hope of ever healing. The physical, mental, emotional, and financial burden aggravated her chronic depression.

As Usman was looking for collaborators worldwide, he contacted Francoise due to her tenure in holistic medicine. He offered to treat her and sent her the healing energy she needed. Usman’s treatment worked like a miracle. Her depression vanished almost instantly, and the worrisome lumps in her breast disappeared within three weeks. Her energy increased, and her outlook on life changed for the better.

Out of gratitude, she started working with Usman to expand his humanitarian initiative and spread the word to patients around the world. She also offered the benefit of her fifteen years of experience as a business owner to promote healing services to businesses in North America.

humanitarian initiative
private and corporate treatment

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